Posted by: Sonic Alpha | February 21, 2012

Crash & Burn

Well, my February Challenge project officially died after only 5 days.

It wasn’t a complete failure though, as it helped accomplish what I originally hoped it would; I once again became comfortable with my camera. It also served to highlight a few things, like my desire to get outdoors and expand my range of photography styles, as well as my growing apathy towards Macro shots (at least when it comes to being indoors).

The biggest kick to my confidence came on day five, when I tried to take a few shots outdoors. Most appeared blurry, despite taking my time with the focusing aspect of setting up the shots. With my declining vision being one of the main reasons I originally put down my camera, when I saw the latest bunch of pictures I wanted to put my camera down for good.

This feeling a disappointment didn’t last long however, and eventually ended up being my drive to pick up my camera again and try harder.

I’ve come to the conclusion, at least for outdoor work, that I may have to rely on auto focus rather than manual… Even if it goes against every piece of advice I’ve been given (“Manual, manual, manual!“).

The February Challenge (set)
The February Challenge (set)


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